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Heavy Duty CNC Pipe Bending Machines

To meet the demand of the modern pipe bender, Pines has designed a new range of CNC HD pipe benders. Pines is the leader in rugged and reliable machinery. The new designs continue these vital benchmarks such as power, precision, speed and improved the performance to provide users with enhanced capabilities to match the demands of the 21st century. Now, Pines has extended the choice specifications and options while improving precision and reliability.

More Rigid Bending Head

The bending head distance between the upper and lower bearings is increased by 33%. The change provides greater stability of the bend die when bending heavy wall pipe or exotic material used in aerospace.

Large Central Spindle

The bearings that support the spindle within the bend head are 16% larger in diameter.The spindle has a 35% larger cross section to provide for the spindle bearings and increased accuracy of the bending function.

Heavy Duty Bending Arms

Both the swing arm and stationary arms are built from one piece vertical members which are 200% thicker. This reduces the tendency of the arms to bend under heavy clamping pressure providing a stable platform for high clamping forces.

Wider Arms

The stationary arm is 50% wider to provide a stable platform for pressure die boosting.

Rigid Tool Mount

Reduced the distance from the upper bearing to the center line of the tube by 33%. The change provides additional stability of the bend die when bending heavy wall pipe or exotic material used in aerospace.

Increased Bending Speeds

Multiple pumps and motors provide faster bend arm and PDA speeds. Programmable flow and pressure controls provide unlimited options for various materials and wall thicknesses

Die Force Measurement

Clamping and pressure die pressure settings monitored to reduce tool set up times.

All new TS 2000 CNC Control System

The new system increases response time and improves functionality and repeatability.

  1. The use of Ethernet connection from PC to I/O system
  2. Improved diagnostic reporting from the I/O system
  3. Improved reliability

The New system has multi-language capa-bility, expandability, and provides the user with traditional Pines’ user friendly setup and programmability. Designed by people who know how to bend tube and pipe.


The new TS 2000 control console


Modular construction to allow for customer products, preferences and cost. Bolt on elements to accommodate special requirements like; Pipe loaders, feeders, extra-long Pipes minimum wall thinning, short end limbs, push bending wall thinning etc.


Download Heavy Duty CNC Pipe Benders Flyer

Pipe Machine Capacity

Model   CNC060HD CNC090HD CNC115HD CNC170HD CNC250HD
Steel Pipe, Schedule 80 Inches 2 3 4 6 10
mm 60.235 88.9 114.3 168.3 273
Standard bend radius to center line Inches 12 14 18 24 32
mm 300 350 450 600 815
Standard Max. tube length over mandrel Inches 120 136 172 200 250
m 3 3.5 4.375 5.08 6.35
Standard Carriage Travel Inches 72 72 108 150 200
m 1.85 1.85 2.75 3.8 5
Carriage Travel (Y Motion) Inches ± .005 ± .005 ± .005


mm ±.125 ±.125 ±.125


Collet Rotation (B Motion) Inches ±.10 deg.

±.10 deg.

±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg.
mm ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg.
Bend Arm Rotation (C Motion)   ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg.
  ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg. ±.10 deg.
Bend Arm Rotation Degrees 195° 195° 195° 195° 195°
Collet Rotation Degrees 360° 360° 360° 360° 360°
Bending Arm Speed RPM 16 6 4.7 1.6 1.2
Motor HP 40 40 40 50 100
Kw 30 30 30 37 75
Operating Pressure PSI 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Bar 314 314 314 314 314
Reservoir Capacity Gallons 55 100 122 125 250
Liters 242 440 537 550 1,000
Weight Pounds 4,400 8,000 22,500 40,000 60,000
Kilograms 1,996 1,764 5,130 9,120 13,680

Specifications subject to change without notice


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